2014 is the Year of Decentralized Technology

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We find ourselves in the midst of an exponential growth in technological advancements and innovations aiming to solve the struggles associated with lack of sufficient infrastructure and the various strangleholds on certain communities and mediums. With an artillery consisting of software protocols, hardware schematics and the will to bring power back to the people, start-ups… Read more »

Using Tor Over Open Garden

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Internet privacy has been in the news recently after leaked documents revealed PRISM, NSA’s ongoing domestic surveillance program. Although most people do not have the time to think about attempting to counter surveillance, tools exist for those that are interested in anonymizing¬†online traffic. Such tools won’t prevent Google from having a database of your emails… Read more »

Big THANK YOU to all Open Garden supporters, partners, fans and users: WE ARE HIRING

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Since we started in the beginning of 2011 our course has been like hanging out in an amusement park. It is both thrilling and playful: from hanging on the roller coaster and getting investments from our angels to filling up our spaceship with rocket fuel. That’s the life of many startups. They pass through the… Read more »