Will new telecommunication technologies lead to a full awakening of humanity’s consciousness?

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“Can we share lessons between neurons and networks in the way we nurture and develop both?” That’s one of the questions Tiffany Shlain tries to answer in her latest video “Brain power” released together with a Ted book. I love and recommend her work as it is directly linked to the basic concept that lead us… Read more »

Big THANK YOU to all Open Garden supporters, partners, fans and users: WE ARE HIRING

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Since we started in the beginning of 2011 our course has been like hanging out in an amusement park. It is both thrilling and playful: from hanging on the roller coaster and getting investments from our angels to filling up our spaceship with rocket fuel. That’s the life of many startups. They pass through the… Read more »

Open Garden Gets You the Most Out of Your Data Plan

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With Open Garden’s explosive launch at TechCrunch DISRUPT NYC 2012 as the Most Innovative Startup, natural concerns are being raised about potential service infringement. So it should be made unequivocally clear: Open Garden takes nothing that is not paid for. It only meshes the data which subscribers pay for and are allotted by their service… Read more »