2013 Year in Review!

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Happy New Year! Like many of us, the end of December is a time to reflect on the cumulative accomplishments of the past year to see how much closer we’ve come to realizing our ambitions. At Open Garden, our ambition is to enable access to knowledge and the global hivemind through creating apps for sharing… Read more »

Open Garden Trip to the Wild

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Last month, the Open Garden team went on a company retreat to Lake Tahoe, a majestic freshwater lake on the border of California and Nevada. Our aim was to spend some time together in a beautiful, inspiring and relaxing place. We spent three days hiking the mountainous trails surrounding the lake, making it to the… Read more »

Big THANK YOU to all Open Garden supporters, partners, fans and users: WE ARE HIRING

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Since we started in the beginning of 2011 our course has been like hanging out in an amusement park. It is both thrilling and playful: from hanging on the roller coaster and getting investments from our angels to filling up our spaceship with rocket fuel. That’s the life of many startups. They pass through the… Read more »