Open Garden responds to Philippines call to arms to reconnect population

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Nearly 10 million people, or 10% of the Philippines’ population, have been affected by typhoon Haiyan. 660,000 inhabitants have lost their homes. Open Garden has responded to Gia Banaag, from the Office of the President of the Philippines, to help its population gain mobile connectivity. Thanks to a simple app, Filipinos will be able to… Read more »

Will new telecommunication technologies lead to a full awakening of humanity’s consciousness?

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“Can we share lessons between neurons and networks in the way we nurture and develop both?” That’s one of the questions Tiffany Shlain tries to answer in her latest video “Brain power” released together with a Ted book. I love and recommend her work as it is directly linked to the basic concept that lead us… Read more »

The case for Open Wireless

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  For decades, it has not been possible to have open communications systems on the physical level. In a world of wires, network access meant physical access. Wireless networking enabled the technical possibility of a completely open network. An open network is better than one with many silos, as long as free riding is contained,… Read more »

One Laptop per Child – OLPC

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The one laptop per child foundation mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education. The Mesh Routing Protocol used in the OLPC laptop (OLPC-Mesh) is based on the 802.11s standard being developed by the 802.11 Task Group S. It enables each child using an OLPC laptop to communicate with one another without the… Read more »