2014 is the Year of Decentralized Technology

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We find ourselves in the midst of an exponential growth in technological advancements and innovations aiming to solve the struggles associated with lack of sufficient infrastructure and the various strangleholds on certain communities and mediums. With an artillery consisting of software protocols, hardware schematics and the will to bring power back to the people, start-ups… Read more »

Reliable Internet for Trading Bitcoin

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Several months ago, Open Garden announced it’s official acceptance of Bitcoin donations and a month later had an exhibition table at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose. There is no surprise that the Bitcoin community understands the importance and relevance of mesh networking for peer-to-peer communication and Internet access. The Open Garden protocol and… Read more »

The Future of Broadband Access: Google Fiber Comes to Austin

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Today, Google announced plans to build out its 1-Gigabit fiber in Austin, TX, a vibrant city home to the popular annual SXSW conference and a rising tech industry. Their success in Kansas City, the first “Google Fiber City,” has sparked an energized startup scene and created a new model for broadband access: customers can pay… Read more »

Will new telecommunication technologies lead to a full awakening of humanity’s consciousness?

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“Can we share lessons between neurons and networks in the way we nurture and develop both?” That’s one of the questions Tiffany Shlain tries to answer in her latest video “Brain power” released together with a Ted book. I love and recommend her work as it is directly linked to the basic concept that lead us… Read more »

The case for Open Wireless

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  For decades, it has not been possible to have open communications systems on the physical level. In a world of wires, network access meant physical access. Wireless networking enabled the technical possibility of a completely open network. An open network is better than one with many silos, as long as free riding is contained,… Read more »

The Mobile Data Revolution

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How the mobile landscape is changing in the most profound ways Today, ‘mobile carrier’ doesn’t mean ‘cellular only’ anymore. To serve mobile users demand carriers are starting to use open wireless standards like Wi-Fi. AT&T in US and Free in France started to offload some of their traffic onto their own Wi-Fi networks. Many other… Read more »

The Mobile Mesh Network is Forming…

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It began with WiFi and Bluetooth Tethering: one mobile device wirelessly sharing its data connection with others. Now, we are blooming into a Mobile Mesh Network of many interconnected devices pooling their bandwidth for mutual benefit. Open Garden wirelessly interconnects many smart devices into an intelligent network. A network capable of opportunistic local connections and… Read more »