Headed out to la playa? This app’s got your back.

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With FireChat, we can send texts and images even if no Internet access or cell phone coverage. This free app works on iOS and Android smartphones. It connects the devices together forming a peer-to-peer decentralized mesh network. Some burners may say ‘just keep the phones off’, others told us that this might be useful, especially… Read more »

Open Garden responds to Philippines call to arms to reconnect population

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Nearly 10 million people, or 10% of the Philippines’ population, have been affected by typhoon Haiyan. 660,000 inhabitants have lost their homes. Open Garden has responded to Gia Banaag, from the Office of the President of the Philippines, to help its population gain mobile connectivity. Thanks to a simple app, Filipinos will be able to… Read more »

Open Garden wins the Global Mobile Innovators Startup Competition!

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The Global Mobile Innovator’s Conference (GMIC) announced that Open Garden, a new way to grow the Internet by enabling users to connect to each other seamlessly and share their Internet connection, is the grand prize winner of its Global Startup competition. The competition is the culmination of a selection process in which more than 300… Read more »

Tech Garden SF: Decentralized and Distributed Technology

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Efficiency is vital in a society where congestion and overhead are growing problems. Whether it be communication, financial transactions or property ownership, peer-to-peer technologies and services have become key in staying ahead. Rising interest in the sharing economy and crowdsourcing are only the beginning of this trend and here at Open Garden, we are interested… Read more »

A Tool for Greater Freedom: Open Garden at PorcFest and Libertopia

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      A few months ago, I traveled to a campsite in upstate New Hampshire to partake in a week-long event called Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka PorcFest) which celebrates individual liberties and promotes solutions for personal empowerment. Recently, I also drove down to a similar event based in San Diego called Libertopia. It was… Read more »

Open Garden hosts Japanese students from Ritsumeikan University

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Last week, 16 science and engineering students from Osaka, Japan visited the Open Garden office on Treasure Island as part of a class tour of Silicon Valley. Open Garden founders Stas and Micha gave an overview on how Open Garden creates a network of devices by sharing and distributing available bandwidth. The students asked great… Read more »

Why the best MVNO would be a mix of Facebook and Starbucks

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The Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s landscape is changing fast. The companies to watch that will change the landscape will be those that realize that “their community is their customer.” Firms who think this way about approaching their community, thinking through the values ‘shared and crowdsourced’ are Urban Airship, BMW and Facebook. Traditional new entrants in… Read more »