2013 Year in Review!

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Happy New Year! Like many of us, the end of December is a time to reflect on the cumulative accomplishments of the past year to see how much closer we’ve come to realizing our ambitions. At Open Garden, our ambition is to enable access to knowledge and the global hivemind through creating apps for sharing… Read more »

Connecting your Kindle to the Internet, wherever you are!

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Last week, Open Garden went live on the Amazon AppStore. Kindle Fire/HD/HDX owners can now freely download and install Open Garden to keep their Kindles continuously connected to the Internet. These newer models of the Kindle, which run a version of the Android operating system, are ideal for use with Open Garden’s mesh networking app…. Read more »

Open Garden launches Internet Connectivity Suite: Four Android apps to keep your devices always connected on the go.

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Open Garden, the San Francisco-based startup dedicated to seamless Internet connectivity, has just released WiFi Keychain, the fourth app in its Internet Connectivity Suite. Our first app in this suite, the Open Garden Mesh Networking app, allows users to seamlessly share Internet connectivity across their mobile devices, and can be downloaded at http://opengarden.com. Open Garden… Read more »

Reliable Internet for Trading Bitcoin

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Several months ago, Open Garden announced it’s official acceptance of Bitcoin donations and a month later had an exhibition table at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose. There is no surprise that the Bitcoin community understands the importance and relevance of mesh networking for peer-to-peer communication and Internet access. The Open Garden protocol and… Read more »

Open Garden responds to Philippines call to arms to reconnect population

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Nearly 10 million people, or 10% of the Philippines’ population, have been affected by typhoon Haiyan. 660,000 inhabitants have lost their homes. Open Garden has responded to Gia Banaag, from the Office of the President of the Philippines, to help its population gain mobile connectivity. Thanks to a simple app, Filipinos will be able to… Read more »

Using Tor Over Open Garden

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Internet privacy has been in the news recently after leaked documents revealed PRISM, NSA’s ongoing domestic surveillance program. Although most people do not have the time to think about attempting to counter surveillance, tools exist for those that are interested in anonymizing online traffic. Such tools won’t prevent Google from having a database of your emails… Read more »

The Greater China Bloc

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The word platform gets used often in this business. It is a heavily loaded term, which gets bandied about a lot, up there with ‘cloud’ and ‘open’ in terms of repeated, heavy usage.  Despite this linguistic abuse, there is still a lot of value in having an actual platform. Businesses seek to build platforms to… Read more »