Headed out to la playa? This app’s got your back.

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With FireChat, we can send texts and images even if no Internet access or cell phone coverage. This free app works on iOS and Android smartphones. It connects the devices together forming a peer-to-peer decentralized mesh network. Some burners may say ‘just keep the phones off’, others told us that this might be useful, especially… Read more »

2014 is the Year of Decentralized Technology

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We find ourselves in the midst of an exponential growth in technological advancements and innovations aiming to solve the struggles associated with lack of sufficient infrastructure and the various strangleholds on certain communities and mediums. With an artillery consisting of software protocols, hardware schematics and the will to bring power back to the people, start-ups… Read more »

Reliable Internet for Trading Bitcoin

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Several months ago, Open Garden announced it’s official acceptance of Bitcoin donations and a month later had an exhibition table at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose. There is no surprise that the Bitcoin community understands the importance and relevance of mesh networking for peer-to-peer communication and Internet access. The Open Garden protocol and… Read more »

Tech Garden SF: Decentralized and Distributed Technology

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Efficiency is vital in a society where congestion and overhead are growing problems. Whether it be communication, financial transactions or property ownership, peer-to-peer technologies and services have become key in staying ahead. Rising interest in the sharing economy and crowdsourcing are only the beginning of this trend and here at Open Garden, we are interested… Read more »

A Tool for Greater Freedom: Open Garden at PorcFest and Libertopia

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      A few months ago, I traveled to a campsite in upstate New Hampshire to partake in a week-long event called Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka PorcFest) which celebrates individual liberties and promotes solutions for personal empowerment. Recently, I also drove down to a similar event based in San Diego called Libertopia. It was… Read more »

Using Tor Over Open Garden

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Internet privacy has been in the news recently after leaked documents revealed PRISM, NSA’s ongoing domestic surveillance program. Although most people do not have the time to think about attempting to counter surveillance, tools exist for those that are interested in anonymizing online traffic. Such tools won’t prevent Google from having a database of your emails… Read more »

Open Garden accepting donations in Bitcoin

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As I write this, the value of one bitcoin (BTC) hovers just above $180 USD and those who once questioned its ability to penetrate the economy are beginning to appreciate it as a worthy competitive currency. While perception of utility is what drives the Euro, USD and assets such as gold, the Bitcoin protocol is… Read more »