Open Garden advocates principles of Net Neutrality, enhancing the wireless broadband Internet, equalizing knowledge access and promoting innovation.

To follow our mission, we are developing a protocol, “the Open Garden Mesh Protocol” that optimizes communications between wireless devices and access to the Internet. Open Garden Mesh Protocol enables people to create their own network and to become an extension of the internet. The network will grow with the amount of people using Open Garden application on their mobile devices. Open Garden is also partnering with the handset and hardware manufacturers to embed the Open Garden application for the benefit of their users.

Our technology is offering solutions to the mobile telco industry by avoiding congestion of wireless data networks and providing a better Internet access through carrier aggregation, peer2peer and mesh technology.

On a longer term vision, Open Garden is willing to enable a free wireless broadband Internet in rural zones to improve access to knowledge, education and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship.




Micha Benoliel is a technology entrepreneur.
He first began learning how to become a technology entrepreneur at age 8, when he taught himself how to code on a flight simulator in Basic on a Zenith PC that his father was using for accounting. Then he made his first games on a Texas Instrument TI 99 4A, then ATARI 512ST and Amiga 500.
Among the several telecommunications services he launched in the last 10 years he worked with Skype, negotiating the deals with European telcos that provided the basis for Skype In and Skype Out, the innovations which allowed Skype to begin generating significant revenues.
His ultimate challenge is to provide free wireless broadband access to the internet and advocate Net Neutrality. Micha Catalyzes Open Garden.
Stanislav Shalunov
Stanislav Shalunov is an internet engineer with mathematics background. Stas designed and implemented the congestion control scheme LEDBAT now used by BitTorrent and responsible for a significant portion of the Internet’s traffic. LEDBAT emerged from Stas’s work at Internet2, where he also conducted research on net neutrality and Quality of Service (QoS) that formed the basis of the Internet2Senate testimony on net neutrality. Stas brings deep thought leadership to Open Garden.
Greg Hazel
Greg Hazel is an expert software architect. Greg brings unique development insight to Open Garden and proven track record building global carrier class applications. Greg was the lead developer of the most popular BitTorrent client uTorrent, used by more than 100 million people. Greg’s experience building scalable P2P applications accelerates Open Garden engineering.