The ability to work remotely has become an important tool in the business world and the addition of WiFi access on trains and airplanes has been of great assistance. Last week I ended my two week long visit to the East coast for the holidays and attempting to catch up with my community managing and other Open Garden related duties was the goal for the flight.
For accessing the Gogo network on Virgin America, there are generally several options. Usually it comes down to choosing between plans that are time limited, outrageously priced or (here’s the key) limited to mobile devices. The mobile plan is about a third the cost of the non-mobile plan, both lasting the duration of the flight.
Knowing about the existence of general radio interference in airplanes, I was nervous about purchasing a plan that could render ineffective on my laptop for a six hour trip. But what better way to do some real-world, necessity based testing for Open Garden, right? So I took the plunge and purchased the plan through my Droid Razr Maxx and connected with Open Garden to my MacBook Air. For the first 5 minutes, I was getting some interference issues (both WiFi and OG connection dropping) but after stabilizing, I was able to use my MacBook Air for the remainder of the flight with absolutely no dropped or lagging connections! The ability for Open Garden to save in costs while travelling are limitless and I encourage everyone to find and test ways to make Open Garden useful to other unique situations!

“The global airline transportation network visualized by the flight pathways of all commercial flights worldwide.”

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