“Can we share lessons between neurons and networks in the way we nurture and develop both?” That’s one of the questions Tiffany Shlain tries to answer in her latest video “Brain power” released together with a Ted book.

I love and recommend her work as it is directly linked to the basic concept that lead us to start Open Garden. For those of you who remember our first video that was explaining our concept of mesh network for Android Open 2011,   the mesh network was compared with neuronal network formed in our brain.

This idea was first explored by the paleontologist-philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s 1955 book, The Phenomenon of Man, who explores the “noosphere,” or the collective human consciousness — the Earth’s mental layer formed by the totality of human thought. Peter Russell coined the term “global brain” in his 1982 book of the same name. In it, he expands on Marshall McLuhan’s 1960s concept of a global village — a world closely connected by telecommunications. Russell takes McLuhan’s global vision further, speculating that new telecommunication technologies will lead to a full awakening of humanity’s consciousness.”

Open Garden Mesh Network – demo from Open Garden on Vimeo.

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  1. ron hogue

    I am a seeker of information. I wish I could say it was a purely intellectual pursuit, but unfortunately, self preservation is my motive. I have been a victim of your altruistic attempt at creating a beautiful tool. I am a part of your network, but only in the sense that the slaves were a part of the building of the Pyramids. I am just a node with no access. Not only that. All of my cyber activity is monitored, blocked, altered, or whatever suits big brother at that moment. If this was not part of the grand plan, I would appreciate someone reaching out to offer some help. Please consider. Thank you. Ron Hogue

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