How the mobile landscape is changing in the most profound ways

Today, ‘mobile carrier’ doesn’t mean ‘cellular only’ anymore.

To serve mobile users demand carriers are starting to use open wireless standards like Wi-Fi. AT&T in US and Free in France started to offload some of their traffic onto their own Wi-Fi networks. Many other technologies are emerging to facilitate the use of open wireless standards, as it appears that there is a crunch in licensed spectrum.

Re-Imagination of Wireless Networks

With Open Garden we imagined a world where each portable device: smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other wireless device interconnect among each other seamlessly to form a P2P mesh network that automatically routes the Internet traffic through the best available off-ramp. The Open Garden application is a full software solution that can be deployed by any mobile network in a record time. It also enables the use of multiple networks at once making Open Garden a relevant solution to support the huge amount of data coming from video streaming applications. Mobile video traffic is supposed to be multiplied by a factor of 10 in the next 5 years according to Cisco.

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