Some interesting information about where our users are and how they use the tethering application.

83% of Open Garden users are based in US, compared to an average of 35% for other mobile applications in our category.

The average usage among active user is high: 727 MB/month carried through Open Garden tether application.

5 Responses to “+550,000 downloads: Open Garden Tether ahead of forecasts”

  1. Abhi

    Even as carriers in the US continue to force google to oust tethering apps from the android market – what do you attribute your large user-base in the US to?

    • anthenor

      People love the app, they save money by using it and even if it requires some technical skills or research on the internet to root your phone 50% of the users do it. We haven’t seen any tethering app that has been ousted for long but it is true that some carriers try to block their usage.

  2. Tato

    I have use this app since day one. Four days ago I had to reset my device and now the app is not installing. The Android Market is giving me “This app is incompatible with your Sprint HTC” when I have been using it for a long time.
    The app is great and I love it. Need to find a way to get it back, I have tried several stores but you get this
    “This app is currently unavailable directly from our store but you can get it from Android Marketplace. Just enter your email address below and a purchase/download link will be sent to your Android Smartphone.”
    Again, The Market.
    Any suggestion?

  3. Ole Erik Hansen

    I have tried to install the program on my sonyericsson mini but I get the reply ‘Not netfilter installed’. What can I do about that?

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